Rusted Frame - QT 50 - and Repair

So my beater QT that runs so good after fixing lots of stuff on it had a little fresh paint chipping across top of frame at the bend below the seat just above the engine. I knew it was due to the rust on the bottom of the frame causing the tube to flex but after taking the engine back off it is obvious the frame was gonna collapse at any moment. I was gonna get another frame but since this one has a clean VT Registration and plate and I'm the only person that rides it I decided to fix it. A piece of 1/8" flat stock cut to fit the contour of the factory reinforcement where the cables come out and bending it to fit the roundness of the frame tube provide a real strong section after welding it in. I expect it may have been part of grounding issues that I was experiencing also before the repair. I expect some people will beat me up for taking a chance riding it and others will be glad I saved it. But they don't make these anymore!

QT50 Rusted Frame 1.jpg
QT50 Rusted Frame 2.jpg
QT50 Rusted Frame 3.jpg

Re: Rusted Frame - QT 50 - and Repair

I love the easy fix . ;)

I'da done the same thing . Do what it takes with what you have and get back to riding .

Re: Rusted Frame - QT 50 - and Repair

looks og

Re: Rusted Frame - QT 50 - and Repair

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Very nice! good on ya for using what you got and what you know will work.

Re: Rusted Frame - QT 50 - and Repair

It's a really nice save you did for that QT50.

I've got two saved from disaster.


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