Hobbit - modify carburetor?

On the internet I recently viewed someone cleaning a Honda Hobbit carb. The last part of the tutorial the author was stating that if you want more power to bore open the throat to 1/2 inch and mod the main jet. Is this modification worth the risk of messing up a good car or should I just purchase a Keihin carb for PA50II?

Thanks Jack

Re: Hobbit - modify carburetor?

Better results upgrading to a bought carb and intake, rather than experimenting with the OEM one. Knock off simple carbs like SHA copies are NOT expensive.

Re: Hobbit - modify carburetor?

A kehin drilled to 16mm rips better than a sha

Re: Hobbit - modify carburetor?

I never tried drilling it, they can be pretty great even stock. I would drill it, sure.

but there are also cheap knockoffs of the hobbit carb. I've had pretty mixed luck with those cheap carbs of other varieties, about half of them seem to be ruined, but since theyre less than half the cost of OEM, you can just buy 2!

I'm kidding, mostly. I would try drilling it and i'd also try a knockoff. worst case you learn something about why it doesn't work

Re: Hobbit - modify carburetor?

The knock offs that treats is selling are pretty great. Dunno what jet they come with but it seems to work on a fully stock hobbit fine.

Re: Hobbit - modify carburetor?

on a carb, you are limited by the smallest opening/restiction including manifold. throttle plate is a butterfly, whats the difference between pai and paii throttle plates?

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