Honda Urban Express Wiring / Battery

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Hey all,

Recently picked up an Urban Express for my girlfriend and am working on getting it street legal. The previous owner used it mainly for family camping trips and it sounds like over time two things happened: the battery died and the engine stop switch broke off. I'm not sure what order these happened in.

In response to this it sounds like they (or someone else) rigged up the bike to just kickstart with the key turned in the ignition and then just kill the engine with the key again. To do this it looks like they did some connecting with starter/brake wiring and then something with the battery connections. The bike runs, which is great, but because the break light is disconnected (The other side is not connecting either, thought the wiring is intact I believe the switch is broken) she doen't have a workign breaklight. The tail light doesn't seem to illuminate, though the headlight does. I replaced the break/tail light in case it was partially the bulb. I bought a whole new controls setup for that side (break lever/throttle/ignition) so I have all the intact wiring and new run/kill switch. I am just worried once I connect all that in that the bike won't start the same way.



Battery Connection:


New controls:


My end goal here is to decipher what the heck is going on here so that I can most importantly make sure she has working running lights and brake lights and the bike still runs. If I can just hook a battery back up that would be the best so that I could get the blinkers and correct warning lights working.

(Thanks for bearing with me. This is my first post on here.)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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