1977 Vespa ciao piaggio running bad

It ran great one day then wouldn’t run but for a second then quit. PO’s exhaust was welded together and came loose so I figured That was issue. Ordered techno circuit and it wasn’t the exact fit but I made it work and now it runs but sounds very loud and shaky and the Rpms rise really high and fast when I open throttle. It’s like it’s reving but it’s not catching and giving power it just revs really loud and crawls. If I barely turn throttle it catches and starts going then as I proceed with throttle rpms rise fast and gets loud but no movement/power or tires kinda catching. I have videos and pictures to help along the way. Please help me.

Re: 1977 Vespa ciao piaggio running bad

Why are you posting multiple threads on the same issue? Stick with your first one. There's not millions of us moped folks standing by waiting for your troubles. Be patient and wait for replies. Most ppl are at work,

Re: 1977 Vespa ciao piaggio running bad

Hey buddy it’s a different issue obviously this is an update but thanks

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