Peugeot Vogue VS2 a Soft Seizure

This happened to me last weekend. I was driving on a hill and after a stop I was able to ride the moped only couple hundreds meters and an engine got stuck. After waiting over an hour I was able to start the engine again.

Today I started the moped and it did sound odd. I checked the cylinder and there were small scratches on both sides of cylinder. I didn't even bothered to take a look a piston.

Were I could find a new piston and cylinder for my moped?

I've been using 3% mixture on it. Is it possible that a carb is tuned off? Maybe too much air? The carb and the needle are original ones.


Re: Peugeot Vogue VS2 a Soft Seizure

Plated bore so you can likely acid off the smeared aluminium and buff out the burnishing on the piston and throw on new rings. Give it a leak down test to see if you might have a vacuum leak in the casings.

Re: Peugeot Vogue VS2 a Soft Seizure

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