Intermittent spark .. express

Got a real nice 1980 Honda express,, thought I had no spark .. put tester in end of boot, and it lit up ! So I should have spark right? New plug spark? Whaaaaat


Re: Intermittent spark .. express

Beach Club Nick /

You have the gap set correctly on both the plug and the tester? Would you happen to be using the wrong plug?

Re: Intermittent spark .. express

New plugs are not immune to being bad .

Re: Intermittent spark .. express

I would test coil resistance and reset point gap. Also gap the spark plug.

Re: Intermittent spark .. express

Always try the easiest thing first .

Test that tester a few times in the boot to make sure the result is not intermittent . Then test that new plug . Or , try a different new plug .

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