79 Honda Hobbit pa50ii

So I changed my petcock because it seeped a bit and I wanted one with an on/off. Swapped it and it ran great until I went around the block and then it acted like it was flooding. There was a brass filter tube around the plastic tube that goes into the tank that I didn't use on the new one. I drained the fuel and swapped back to the old petcock with the brass filter tube and it did the same thing. I literally didn't do anything but take the fuel line off the old petcock, swap it and put it back on. It idles fine and revs on the stand but when trying to ride it bogs out and won't accelerate. ??

Re: 79 Honda Hobbit pa50ii

Barry (Bob) Brown /

I'm thinking that in swapping the old to the new petcock, there was possibly some small debri that passed through to the carb? I'd try and check it to be sure it's clean, even the smallest particle can screw up a carb.

Re: 79 Honda Hobbit pa50ii

Yep that's where my head was at too so I cleaned the inlet where the fuel line entered and better, cleaned again, even better. Thing is my hobbit rips when I plug one or even two of the 3 air intake holes which obvs means too much air so I figured adjust the air/fuel screw but it likes that plugged so much I just left it :)

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