Re: 1979 Puch Magnum Rear Axle Bent

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> Overpriced Parts Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> They get a slight bend in them because they’re not very hard so they

> don’t snap, even the sealed bearing ones most times have a slight bend

> in them after 40 years


> What I do before I remove or adjust wheel, I marked the axles

> orientation with an pointed line pointed down scratched at the end of

> axle straight up and down that way when you remove it you could put it

> back the same way and that nothing will rub on brake plated and brakes

> will wear in same place,


> You're talking about loose bearing axle and you need 100% original parts

> to put back in so just take your axle out leaving one side maybe

> freewheel side nuts on don’t lose any of the ball bearings, straighten

> it, clean all the balls, hold them against the cups with new grease and

> put the axle back in,


> Using cone wrench (that’s what I call it) and other normal Wrench on the

> two nuts, setting wheel bearing play not too tight but not moving or

> clunking side to side either then lock the nuts,


> That’s where experiencing comes in because sometimes you have to set it

> a little bit on the loose side because after you take the two locknuts

> it may grow a little tighter and also after you put the rear wheel one

> and tighten the axle nuts to hold a rear wheel it gets a bit tighter


> Some people up to do seal bearing conversions but it seems to me that

> t all you have to do is straighten your axle or leave it the way it is

> putting the wheel exactly in the same place when you took it off,

> usually after the first big bump you hit the axle will bend slightly so

> that ends will actually be curved down a bit so when you put the wheel

> on just have axle ends down a bit but if the wheel was put on and off a

> few times after it was bent then knows,


> You could bring the bike and wheel over and I can show you how to mess

> s with loose bearing wheel or any puch wheel and adjust a magnum’s rear

> wheel and brakes perfecto but I’m almost a hour drive away from ya

Thanks for that and thanks for the offer. I rebuilt it a month ago and took it off last night to look at the brake pads because they suck. That's when I noticed a slight wobble in the brake housing when I rotated the axle. It's very slight, so it's probably best left alone at this point. I do think I need to loosen the cups a touch, they did seem to get tighter, or at least tighter than when I rebuilt it.

I definitely could us a tuning lesson from you one day.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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