Re: 1991 Tomos A35 Bullet problems

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Up there in the pull-down menu is the wiki look up Tomas get the manual go over it there's a troubleshooting guide but first thing you can do is make sure you're pre mixing 50 to 1 and you block off the oil reservoir if it has one after that run it with the cap off the gas cap sometimes the vent is clogged and it will stop it from going into second after that you're going to have to get your hands dirty and open it up I would buy the freaking gaskets and seals if you're planning to keep it you can buy the whole set or you could buy just the case one but when you take it apart be careful and you could reuse the old one or you some kind of yamabond okay after taking off the pedal with the spring carefully keep all that stuff together what you want going to want to do is get yourself like a masonry hammer or something with a nice little claw now with the engine still on the bike the carburetor off you should be able to use the claw and Brace the hammer against the bike particularly the Bolt and then with a quick hard-hit it should pop the case right off if the bearing is stuck on the crank you used the claw and like a bottle opener and you should be able to pry it off the crank and then take the nut off bye holding the flywheel with like an oil wrench or a strap wrench or you can use a piston stop carefully with a rubber tip and what you want to do is get the clutch Bell off chances are you need new shoes or a break strip for 3 or 6 you might need 6 shoes it takes a lot to put it together you may want to just buy it all together on the Hub it's worth it if you have the money if not you can leave it all together if all the breaks trips are good you can just repad it and reglue the shoes but go through the diagnosis see if you can fix it before you pop it openg

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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