A55 low beam bulb replacement?

I’ve searched through the forums and in the user manual and can’t find any info on this low beam bulb on a 2018 Tomos Sprint. Does anyone know how many watts? I think the high beam is 25W? It’s the little bulb in the pic at the bottom of the headlight housing. Looks like a “wedge” type bulb when I remove it.


Re: A55 low beam bulb replacement?

doesnt look stock to me, isnt wattage marked on bulb? should be.

Re: A55 low beam bulb replacement?

It’s all original bulbs since I bought the bike new in 2017. The writing was almost impossible to read but I think I figured out its 5W. It was confusing since the manual didn’t say anything and treats didn’t have anything either.

I’m running into issues where I’m blowing bulbs a lot now. I think my AC regulator is bad. I checked with a multimeter and was getting readings around 40V when revved up. I think I was checking it correctly.

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