V-spring circle type brake pads

What’s the trick for expanding the springs to reach?


Re: V-spring circle type brake pads

Put the brake shoes together (like they are in this picture) but then angle them so they're like in a V (closing the gap between the spring holes). Then pop the spring in and push the shoes flat

Re: V-spring circle type brake pads

^this. and you can pry with stuff. it's a chore even once you get the hang of it, but it gets easier. Putting em in a V like a taco you can get the 2 sides started and pry it flat spreads em in place.

Re: V-spring circle type brake pads

Such a pain in the ass. I usually use the softer stock spring that was already on the bike when I replace pads like these because it's just easier and they have plenty of return still

Re: V-spring circle type brake pads

Ryan Westphal /

Thanks for the info guys. I had already done the rear and reused old spring but it was kind of worn out.

The taco method sounds great but the circle type really limits any folding where it’s around the post.

Sounds like Manhandling is the way to go!

I didn’t know if there was a tool that made this a piece of cake.

Thanks again guys!

Re: V-spring circle type brake pads

Here’s how I did it recently. I held the brake pads opposite each other with the spring end inserted in each hole, and then rotated the brake pads to meet each other. Be careful, it wanted to snap like crazy. I’ve attached some diagrams.


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