1994 Tomos Targa LX

Just helped my buddy buy his first moped. The right price meant it wasn't running but the guy said it was, then would only start with open throttle then wouldn't start at all. I have a 79' PA50ii that I love so I went through the basics thinking it was probably a clogged main jet but after pulling and cleaning the carb I realized our first and foremost issue is no spark. Have compression and fuel flow but after a new plug and the test of placing the plug to the head there's 0 spark. It is the kicker version so, points correct? Instant frustration for him so I'm trying to help. Where do I go from here? Ignition coil, clean the points? Any help appreciated!

Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX

94's CDI right? Or is it one of the last years of points? Fred's guide has a good section on cleaning points if it is points and that'd be a likely cause.

Spark issues I start by disconnecting everything except the wire to the coil - omit the killswitch and possible issues there. make sure the coils grounded etc. then if nada, check power out of the stator. if no power outta the stator, on a points system, 99% of the time dirty or improperly spaced points are the problem (either never closing or never opening). If it's CDI then the stator coil's probably bad.

If that's got power outta the stator though, on points it can still be too weak if they're dirty, but if power outta stator I start working back from the plug., new plug spark? no boot, does the wire spark? is there charge outta the coil? and if power goes into coil and none comes out - well there's your problemo

Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX

I accidentally double posted, if you search

1994 Tomos Targa LX no spark I added a new reply on where I'm at. Appreciate the help! I'll attach the pic below of killswitch. Where do I go from here?


Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX

Huh, I wasn't suggesting you remove the killswitch, but I haven't read the other post yet. the wires in there are lights, the browns are grounds, the black one connects to ground to kill the spark when the witch is switched to off. looks like maybe your black wire is off on it's own anyway? if that gets grounded it kills spark.

just the past month I've worked on 3 tomos and 2 of them had unsoldered wires under the killswitch. crazy. but both were lights issues.

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It was passing the spark test when one of use would toggle the killswitch while the other kicked it so someone suggested cutting the browns and the one black. This didn't help. I then ran the black from the stator to the coil (as it was) and unplugged the rest and still no spark. New plug, boot seems fine and I heard the coil is rarely bad? Next step was gonna be to check the points.

Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX

How do I check for power out of the stator? It is 2 wire, points. Installed new red coil, plug, boot, wire and it's grounded. Still no spark, got a new condenser coming today but tried one from a 70 chevy and it didn't work. I did clean points and gapped them, I may have put too much gap in I used a piece of Triscuit box not a cig cellophane and attempted my best effort to get timing right.

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