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Ok, so I got the new bearings on, crank halves properly heated, and bolted together. Now the shop manual states I should be able to freely move the crank without hearing any clanking sounds. But I don't know how freely it should move, since it was in pieces when I got it. Should it spin like,with two fingers? Or move stiff as I twist the spindle? Also I didn't oil anything, I didn't read I should , or is it just implied, and my dumb ass is thinking?

Re: Vespa engine rebuild

This video was very informative

Re: Vespa engine rebuild

I always smear a little 2t oil on the cylinder and piston walls, and the bearing seats, and wrist pin before assembly. And I usually add a drop or two in each bearing cage. I'm surprised a rebuild manual would tolerate dry assembly, but maybe I'm just paranoid. Either way, with fresh bearings, freshly honed cylinder, and tight rings, there will be resistance turning over an assembled engine. It shouldn't feel loose, but snug. Not tight, but you may not be able to turn the crank with your fingertips without a nut.

Re: Vespa engine rebuild

I did, I missed it till I read over it again! Moving as it should!

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