Repair expert in St Paul MN area

I have a 1977 Scorpion that was a great little ride. It suddenly stopped firing. I have taken it to multiple shops and mechanics in the area. No one has fixed it and now it is missing a few parts in all the movement. Is there anyone who can recommend someone in the St Paul MN/western Wisconsin area that actually can get this thing repaired correctly for me? It has a special place in my heart and I would like to get it back on the road.

Re: Repair expert in St Paul MN area

Beach Club Nick /

Post a picture of it, it should have a Morini MO2 on it. There's a lot of information and knowledge on this site for repairing those. All you'd need is a cheap ratchet set and some time and you can fix whatever the issue is no problem.

Re: Repair expert in St Paul MN area

Bradley Webb /

I thought I had a picture on this PC to post, but I don't. I hope to get one posted fairly soon, next few days. Thanks for the encouragement, but small engines and I don't seem to get along too well. Not a good track record. Seems I tend to make things worse sometimes. Better with bigger ones. That is why I am willing to lay out the money for someone that actually knows what he or she is doing. A guy has to know his limits until he learns more. I have another Honda Express I am working on. Something I am willing to hit and miss on more. I want this Scorpion tip top. Thanks

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