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Just got my first moped. 1977 Garelli SSXL. Barn find, cleaned up pretty nice. Question is...

If the bearing seal is bad on the clutch side, will it pressurize the the oil and force it past the gasket?

Re: Rebuild???

other side seal usually goes bad. trannyside is more of a suction. ya gotta clean clean clean clutcg area, remove all rubber gunk n change those rubber things on phone dial part.

Re: Rebuild???

Michael Fortin /


So hopefully just the gasket?

I was in and out of there a few times to clean it out. Once when I first got the thing running ~ cleaned it out, new 30ND. Then again after I cleaned her up a bit. I did not replace the gasket. Seemed to be in good shape. It does not / I do not notice it leaking while the bike is just sitting.

I will drain the oil, cut new gaskets, check the rubbers, cut new gasket and put it all together again.

Will i need to pull the clutch plate to replace the rubbers? I know I saw a post about using feul line. I'll dig around a bit.

Added before and after pics. Hope i get to ride it this season. Then rebuild over the winter.


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