start clutch

any help would be appreciated in the install of the return spring under the starter clutch lever. The bottom of the spring only goes in one way but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get the other end in the hole in the clutch lever. see page 49 of Puch maxi manual. I have used an external spring that does the same thing so I can use moped, but I would rather have all original parts.


Re: start clutch

Jonathan Bennett /

Are you talking about how part 19 goes into 23 & 24?

Re: start clutch

jim ozias /

part 19 attach to part 23 & 21. I have another pic of it assembled but I can't seem to force the spring that far to attach.


Re: start clutch

Im having the same problem. Should #21 be able to pull out of the clutch cover without removing anything else? or do the clutch cover need to be removed?

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