Help! New Oko carb won't idle

Abdiel Gonzalez /

Hello! I just got a Oko blk blk 21mm and Polini jet, idle, and needle packs.

45 idle, JJn, 115

Stays running only with choke on. Yes (leak ?) So i took the motor apart again and put in new OEM crank seals, new gaskets and used 3M 600F oil/water resistant sealant on intake and base gasket area for extra sealing. Still wont idle without choke.

I put back my TM24 setup and idles and purrs like a kitten. Reason for getting the Oko is I'm going for a blacked out theme on the bike.

Are Oko's hard to get to idle? Maybe I got a bad carb? I wanted the stage 6 21mm but Treats was out. (edited)

Re: Help! New Oko carb won't idle

What is it on?

Re: Help! New Oko carb won't idle

umm, upjet?

also you could paint a TM24 black.

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