cant find brake cables

I cant find brake cables for my bike. I looked on treats and lucky2strokes and googled it yet no one has them in stock for my bike and I dont have the access to the tools to clip the housings and wires if I buy custom ones.

these are the specs for my bike:

- sachs 505/1 engine

- classic columbia commuter type frame (edited)

Re: cant find brake cables

Bicycle shop, get the goodly quality ones

Re: cant find brake cables

$10 Walmart bicycle cables in a 4 pack could do in a pinch, and at that price, you could afford wire cutters. Get knarps at an auto parts store if you need them.

Again, I say "in a pinch" as the wire parts are about half the diameter of what I saw at Detroit Moped Works last week. I wouldn't trust them on a kitted bike with a 300 pound rider going 50 mph.

The front brake cable has always been too short for a standard moped handlebar, but might work on a cafe racer.

Make sure you cut the correct end off of the shifter cables when using them for brake cables. There's a small cylindrical end and a barrel end, cut the cylindrical end off as it slips through the brake cable thingies in the hand levers. (edited)

Re: cant find brake cables

Like they're saying... your life is on the line. Do not chintz out on these unless its an emergency to get home or the likes.

Helmets are the same.

$100 Helmet = $100 brain.

Re: cant find brake cables

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