Slight Tapping after no oil

My girlfriend was riding her Trac Liberty with the M56 engine and she forgot to check her oil tank as it is the drip type with the oil reserve under the seat.

The bike stopped a couple of times on her, then i checked it and it was dry, i refiled the oil up and cleaned the carb, now her engine is doing a slight tap sound.

This might not be specific to that engine, but i want to fix it sooner than later so no more damage is done.

Any Ideas where i could start?


Re: Slight Tapping after no oil

Could be wear in the conrod. Pull the cyl and check for excess sloppy slop. Could be a fucked up bore from lack-o oil...Could also be completely unrelated in the tranny.

Def pull the top end and have a lookey loo. Remove the injection and premix from now on...I never trust them. (edited)

Re: Slight Tapping after no oil

She likely soft seized the motor each time it quit . The tapping you hear is probably piston slap .

Best would be to replace the piston and rings . Cylinder condition would determine whether or not an oversize piston is needed .

Or , if the piston and cylinder are not too bad , just clean them up and run it . Live with the tap , tap ...

Re: Slight Tapping after no oil

Cleats Onionpockets /

Tapping could indicate a couple of things. Usually it means that your rings were starved of oil for a bit, and started wearing unevenly. You may have snagged one slightly on the exhaust port and now you're hearing the leftover damage. You may have also opened up the connecting rod bearing slightly from friction, and now you're hearing connecting rod slap.

If it's rings, you have a slight chance that it will wear back down and smooth out, but I wouldn't hold my breath. There's also a chance that a ring will snag badly and tear up the cylinder.

If it's connecting rod slap, that will likely never go away, but probably won't get much worse unless you run it out of oil again.

Re: Slight Tapping after no oil

. Chudas. /

Ok, thanks guys, its her first moped so she didnt know any better, I should have checked it myself. I'll start with the piston and rings and go from there. It runs great just has a slight tapping sound that it didnt do when the bike was mine.

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