1984 Yamaha Towny MJ50

Good afternoon fellow enthusiasts.

I recently purchased a 1984 Yamaha Towny MJ50. I got an awesome deal from some guy who wanted to get rid of it. Love it. Peppy little thing and it runs great. My issue is I took it in for a safety inspection to get it licensed and on the road BUT it failed. The service technician said that the blinkers and horn do not work correctly. I just bought a brand new battery for it and when the Scooter is running and you give it throttle and hold the throttle open then the horn works and the blinkers also work but if you let off the throttle then the blinkers and horn no longer work. The service guy said I probably need a new flasher relay and that should fix the issue.

Anyone out there ever heard of these issues or experienced this issue. Any suggestions would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Re: 1984 Yamaha Towny MJ50

That brand new charged and installed battery should take care of your blinker and horn problem .

Re: 1984 Yamaha Towny MJ50

Jack Rutherford /

charge your new battery

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