please help me get my hog runnin

I just picked up, to what I believe is a Tomos A3 Golden Bullet TT-LX, but it was gifted to me so it may be a Targa LX but I am unsure because it didn't come with a title. I'm not too educated in this moped world, but that is why I am here.

I know she needs a new throttle cable, air filter, and a new ignition(the keys wont even go in all the way for some reason, although they do work on the gas tank), previous owner said he never used the keys to start it but that just made no sense to me.) Other than those few things, the bike feels like its going to start every time I kick back the pedals.

I am unsure if the parts I am looking to buy are the right size for the moped, will any Tomos parts fit onto this model?

Re: please help me get my hog runnin

Post a pic of the bike and the engine. Especially the cylinder, carb and intake so we can tell you what you have.

Re: please help me get my hog runnin

throttle cable are pretty universal, you usually need to adapt them anyway to your specific bike. any tomos throttle might go straight In, or you just wind up campling the cable in with a stop screw in the throttle.

air filter, any SHA air filter will work, you should have the dellortoa SHA 14:12 carb. look up a pic for comparison.

ignition switch any will work, none are necessary. theyre exceptionally easy to bypass and that makes it pretty much useless. It's not useful to prevent theft - always use a lock. besides that it's useless, it's a complicated on/off switch. use a less complicated on that's already on the right handlebar and avoid the ignition switch setup entirely.

the bike is started by kicking the pedals backwards, that's the kickstart starting mechanism. you click the little choke lever down on the side of the carb (it clicks disengaged when you pull the throttle all the way open) and turn the killswitch on the right hand controls to run (circle image) and kick the pedalse backwards and it should start up unless something else is wrong, missing or still turned off.

Re: please help me get my hog runnin

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Nice hog.

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