NC50 - Can it be saved?

What do you think, can it be saved? Should we keep digging?

Photos on Dropbox

Disclaimer: brand new to mopeds and two-stroke engines.

My boys and I bought some mopeds off of a post on the forum...clearly we didn't know what we were looking at :-|

We're digging into the first, a NC50-2202119 06/79 model year 1980. It "ran last year" lol.

There was no fluid in the case.

Re: NC50 - Can it be saved?

If you can find the trashed part easily, and I mean real easily.. maybe it's worth screwing around with. But it will never be exciting, cute and fun though. It also won't be worth the $1200 that some crackhead currently has one on CL here for. If you break $50 and it still isn't running cut your losses.

Re: NC50 - Can it be saved?

What you have there are mostly parts and rusty ones at that.

Re: NC50 - Can it be saved?

Ahh no, I think I have several rusty parts bikes then : (

Re: NC50 - Can it be saved?

You could likely make a runner out of most of the other's parts, but at least one of them will likely be an organ donor.

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