Reusing speedo cable sheath / threads

I vaguely recall reading something about this a few months ago but I can't find the thread anymore.

I have a little project that I'm working on where I would like to reuse the sheath and threads on the old speedo cable and replace the inner cable with a new one. Can anyone suggest a way that this can be done? Buying a complete and new cable assembly altogether is not possible as they are not available anywhere



Re: Reusing speedo cable sheath / threads

Re: Reusing speedo cable sheath / threads

> P D Wrote:

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> Maybe this would be workable :



I have used those before.

There are a couple different kits from different stores. Shop around.

You really need the old cable core ends for comparison too.

Re: Reusing speedo cable sheath / threads

The speedo and drive are both CEV units. I've tested the speedo with an extra puch VDO cable I had lying around and it does work. The drive will definitely be gone through as I am sure it is gummed up. When I disconnected the old cable there was only one of the square end pieces on one end of the cable. I measured it and it was approximately 2mm in diameter. Are either of you aware of where I can find a cable like this? The autozone one doesnt include specifications for the inner cable end piece / core end diameter


Andrew (edited)

Re: Reusing speedo cable sheath / threads

2.5 mm or .10 inch square tip.

Cable will have one square end.

Cut to length and crimp on other square end with staking tool in kit.

Be sure to check for clearance of tip base that you will be staking onto cable.

This is one ive used:


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