Carabela vs V1

I picked up a Motron (surprise, surprise) parts bike yesterday in Millersburg, Oh for $25. Welded frame, missing the gas tank, 6500 miles on it, but enough spare parts to repair 2 bikes for me.

As I took off the fan cover to see if the piston moved, I noticed that the aluminum cover said "Carabela" instead of "Minarelli." Wiki says these were V1 clones licensed to Mexico.

Anyone run into issues on these when rebuilding?

Re: Carabela vs V1

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

I think they were roller bearing ? Thats the only thing that comes to mind

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Upon further inspection, the back piece of the fan cover only has two screw holes in it and the case has three. The clutch cover says "Minarelli" so I'm thinking somebody just slapped a Carabela fan assembly onto a Minarelli motor.

Re: Carabela vs V1

Yes,V1 fans have been at a premium for the last several years and you take what you can get. I've got some I've kept, figuring needing them later as I sell off bikes.

Re: Carabela vs V1

So why doesn't anybody make replacements? The big vendors are usually out of stock, like for 2 years.

Re: Carabela vs V1

The biggest distinguishing difference between the standard v1 and the carabela would be the transfers. If it has big transfers, it's a carabela. If they look normal, it's a v1 with carabela fan assembly.

Fans were annoying to find so we did have them made. Here are some. Bases and covers are all new old stock. We put them back in inventory as we find more in the Handy Bikes stash. I think the aluminum bases are finally gone but the later 108 setups we have good stock on.

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