Tomos Streetmate Tires

I recently purchased a 2007 Tomos Streetmate and noticed cracks and balding on the tires. I was wondering if anyone had any luck fitting anything else other than OEM Sava's on the Streetmate - say for example a pair of Michelin Power Pures or City Grips, Pirelli Diablos, or literally anything else shy of cinder blocks.

As far as I've gathered,

Front Tire: 17" x 2.5"

Rear Tire: 16" x 2.75" (or 2.25" according to other sources)

Re: Tomos Streetmate Tires

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Yeah you're thinking the wrong sizes

I have a revival that is the same as the streetmate just different tank setup and my bike takes 3.25 size rear tire and 2.75 front like all streetmates do

You need to use the same size tire to have the correct WT carrying capacity and handling .

The treats link you posted says the same sizes I posted so don’t go smaller

Re: Tomos Streetmate Tires

You could install thinner tires, but its gonna ruin the handing and I have a feelin you don't plan on racing in mopedgp where acceleration is king. Go with stock (like roff says) or wider if you want it handle even more like a small motorpickle

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