1986 Tomos Bullet wiring hack job... help?

Melvin Cuevas /

So I have this nice running Tomos that has no power going to the rear lights. I took off the cover only to find this hot mess. The front light and horn work well but there isn’t any positive power going to the rear light. All three cables are connected to each other when i use my multimeter.

Can someone help me undo this mess or at least give me a hint as to which of these three cables (green, gray, or brown) that goes to the rear should be positive?


Re: 1986 Tomos Bullet wiring hack job... help?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Brown is the ground is the central connector leftist running right it's Grey and the brake light is it right and it's green all the power gets relayed off of the regulator box one yellow goes in from the Magneto and one comes out with regulated voltage that in turn gets split off to all the lights and the horn there is a ceramic resistor inside of the head inside of the tail light housing it reduces the voltage for the running light so it is all six volt going in and the wattage doesn't matter

Re: 1986 Tomos Bullet wiring hack job... help?

Better yet take a good look under the rear fender and wheel. That's a classic spot for tomos wiring harnesses to come off the hastily applied tack welds and become worn away by the spinning rear wheel. So Myron's mopeds should have a full schematic of your year. Then compare what's been done to what was and what's under the wheel and what's wrapping around the side to the rear wheel. Don't cry too hard when u see all the carnage. Treatland often lists complete Tomas wiring harnesses for sale new old stock... If they have something close you could simplify or maybe complicate your life going that route. If there is major damage I suggest you buy a bundle of different color stranded 18 g wire on eBay and or vintage Honda make /female connectors with the correct crimping tool. Crushing connectors without soldering them using the typical AutoZone stuff will come apart at just the wrong time.

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