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Steve Kopniske /

Got a 1986 Sachs Carrier 1 moped. Need to know fuel/oil mix ratio, spark plug gap and any other general maint.. info that can be provided.


Re: General questions

check the wiki for "fred's guide" for the ultimate checkup and troubleshooting guide.

Sachs carrier had the 505 engine, so Spark plug gap and general data can be found in this manual, really any 505 engine manual.

and the wiki has a good general page on sachs, also on "505/1a performance"

and check out Myron's mopeds page on sachs for lots of other random bonus info

the carrier 1 is pretty uncommon but the 505 engine is common and lots of parts and info that will all apply equally to your bike - most any "sachs" moped parts will fit your engine. As for everything else, mopeds are pretty interchangeable, wheels and controls etc will be shared with other sachs, tires tubes cables brakes handlebars and lights are all pretty generic and you can use whatever looks right.

the only stuff that's unique to the carrier will be frame and tank. even the forks are likely identical to other sachs forks of the same era. like balboa or hercules

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