NC50 won't crank - where do I start?

I just acquired a 1977 NC50, my first moped experience. Previous owner said it worked when parked several years ago (of course). Got a battery, some gas, a little penetrating oil in the jug. Good news, the horn works. Bad news, I can wind it up but nothing happens when I try and start it. I'm guessing it's locked up. Is there an easy way to see if it will turn over? Where should I start?

Re: NC50 won't crank - where do I start?

Ran when parked a few years ago. Was it stored outside in the weather and rain or inside dry and clean? When you wind it up and pull the brake(or push the little lever), does it unwind, or are you saying that absolutely nothing happens?

You need to go to the wiki page and read Fred's guide. It will go through how to check your spark, fuel flow, and other diagnosis information.

Take pictures. If the crank does not move at all, you might have other issues.

I just restored a 77 nc50 shoot me a message if you need help.

Re: NC50 won't crank - where do I start?

Make sure the read brake cable is going through the the disengage arm for the starter mechanism.

Re: NC50 won't crank - where do I start?

As mentioned, pulling the REAR brake lever firmly releases the wind up starter spring. The rear brake cable goes through an adjustable arm on top of the trans case before terminating at brake housing. If the adjustment is not right it will not work.

Has set for a few years?? Very likely rear brake drum is rusted up and not allowing you to pull brake cable far enough to release wind-up spring. You should be inspecting brakes before riding anyways.

Procedure calls for adjusting brake first then adjusting the starter arm after.

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