Free Spirit Forks Restore


I have a free spirit I'm building and these forks.

I did a quick wiki search but didn't find anything on fork repair or restoring.

I'm going to restore them as opposed to replacing them. From the reading I've done, they are the same size as Magnum forks. Give me your tips and tricks to restoring forks! Cleaning the grease, new grease, bearing replacement, etc. Are there any secrets I should know? I can measure for new hardware if I need to, and I think treats has a bearing replacement kit. Any thoughts?

Re: Free Spirit Forks Restore

Re: Free Spirit Forks Restore

It did and didn't, the pages regarding the front forks in the Free Spirit manual are missing, but I just used the Magnum and general service manual for reference. It doesn't give me a type of grease to use, but maybe there's only one type if I look into it.

I'm getting the frame blasted and coated, i really think the grey is super ugly. Are these bearing cups removable? They are not listed as separate parts in the diagram.

I see that treats has a tomos and puch magnum headset bearing set for 26mm headtube kit, they should fit, right? I have no Magnum to compare to and I don't have calipers at the moment.

Do I need a special tool to install them, or can I just pound them in with a mallet?


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