Ignition coil? Do i have one?


Removed the flywheel on a new to me Bravo super Deluxe today in an effort to find my spark.

To my surprise.. the ignition coil only has one wire. Is this normal?? Alllll my reading says there should be two wires coming off the ignition coil (blue / violet) . I’ve only got one wire. My spidey sense says someone swapped the ignition coil with a lighting coil. Could this be the case?

In the attached photo, you can see one wire running to the points... and then another wire feeding off the points (would head to the condenser).

Re: Ignition coil? Do i have one?

I looked at the ignition coil a bit more tonight... and I’m starting to think it’s not actually an “ignition coil”. I think someone might have substituted a lighting coil for the ignition coil.

If I wore it back up, will this work? Can a lighting coil take the place of an ignition coil?

Re: Ignition coil? Do i have one?

Richard Eberline /

no, internal ignition coils put out more wattage. Plus your wires are all cracked from heat. Somebody sold a newbie a non running lemon.

Re: Ignition coil? Do i have one?

Euro style ignitions do not have the second wire coming out of the ignition exciter for the tail light (or light-horn combination), that crap was only started because of USDOT rules, the rest of the world the winding is directly grounded at the core of the coil.

Test for shorts in the magnet wire or breaks and run it if it passes.

ALWAYS get rid of the stock condenser and put an external one. Heat is a byproduct of magnetos generating electricity and heat is a enemy of condensers.

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