Front brakes, did I “brake it?”

Lauren Hendricks /

I have a Tomos Targa LX. So, on my ride to work I stopped short and my right brake lever lost its tension. Checked it out and the cable must have popped out of the assembly. I’m not particularly savvy and I can’t tell yuh the last time I did anything having to do w brakes, probably like 7 years back or something. Based on the pic would you say I busted it? The chord is crimped at the end and everything looks intact but I just don’t know what I’m looking at really. Searched the wiki and couldn’t source a how to for putting on a new cable or popping it back into that lil cylindrical key hole lookin dude that seems to hold it in place. Pointers would be sick, photos would be sicker. Thanks fam. (edited)


Re: Front brakes, did I “brake it?”

get a new cable the nub on the end is gone.

Re: Front brakes, did I “brake it?”

Barry (Bob) Brown /

Or pick up some Knarps from Treats and repair that cable.

Treats Knarp Party

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