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> Kristian Lomeland Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> The previous owner said that is was some kind of bushing

> that was causing the clacking noise, but I dont know if that adds up?

> What bushing could he have been talking about if so?


> I will look in to the clutches tonight. Do you have a good way of

> checking if the clutch springs are good or bad?

The only bushing that i can think of is in the outer driven pulley cheek that's closest to the clutch. It is the bushing that the movable cheek rides on. If the movable cheek has a lot of side to side play or wobble, you may need to investigate further. The cheek is under spring pressure so it may be hard to tell while it's assembled.

You can see the starter clutch springs inside the clutch bell check to see if they've stretched or broken. The starter shoes are held on with a big circlip or snap ring or whatever you want to call it and like a spring washer thing under it.

There are a few needle bearings inside the rear pulley assembly that ride on the input shaft of the gear box. Make sure those are greased and free.

Getting to the actual clutch is kind of a pain. you need to remove the big flat nut (i think it's 36mm?) on the rear pulley and the pulley cheeks shoot off and fly across the workspace. I use an electric impact wrench to remove the nut and keep pressure on it so the plates dont spring off. There should be a locking washer on it that you will need to bend down. tbh, i dont think you are having problems with the clutch and wont needto open it up, but who knows. You can usually see if something is bent while it is assembled.

Pat has a good point. make sure the inner pulley cheek isn't rubbing on the frame and that the mount bolts are tight. Loose bolts might explain why it only makes the noise with a load on it as the wheel is moving slightly under the tension. Also make sure the rear pulley cheeks are straight.

idk good luck!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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