E50 Squeaking

Hello all,

The E50 suddenly has a disconcerting squeaking, video shows at idle. I tried ridding and it got exponentially louder. I have been doing some clutch work lately, so I removed the clutch to look for any visible rubbing and I do not see anything unusual. Is the sound a bearing failing?

- Video is with brake lever held, so the gears are stationary.

- Fluid is fresh and full (Royal Purple Type F)

Re: E50 Squeaking

You can pop off the flywheel cover and check to see if the coils are rubbing on the inside of the magneto anywhere, just to rule that out.

Re: E50 Squeaking

I will do that, thanks!

Re: E50 Squeaking

To me it sounds like a head gasket failure ....try re-torquing the head bolts to 7 ft/lbs first...and check the 4 intake bolts too...

Re: E50 Squeaking

Removed the flywheel cover and the problem was obvious. The nut had backed off and was rubbing on the inside of the cover. Using thread locker this time....

Thank you!

Re: E50 Squeaking



Re: E50 Squeaking

If you have a flywheel puller now would be a good time to make sure the magneto is still set on the keyway and didn't back off, and to clean the points and cam lobe and regrease the felt

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