I've replaced lots of gaskets and fuel lines and cleaned the carb 3 times, but I run my 77 Honda Express for about a mile, and then it seemed to die on me after warming up. I sit on it a few minutes and then it runs fine again for a bit, then dies. After doing some reading and going through everything else, I decide to replace the condenser. I was told any condenser would work, they're pretty universal. I picked up one at an auto parts store, part dr90 blue streak. I installed it and the bike doesn't want to rev at all, just idles. Is there a specific distance to the ignition it needs to be installed (length of the wire)? Because of 'pulsing' electricity? Are all condensers NOT universal? It started to rev up and sounded like it was going to run fine, but then it blew off the flywheel cover with a bright and loud bang, followed by lots of smoke. Anyone know what's happening I don't understand electricity. It starts and idles again after the explosion, and I can see the points bright blue (edited)

Re: Condenser

The barrel of that thing needs to be grounded.

Re: Condenser

Ok that sounds about right like I fucked up

Re: Condenser

Lol, I made this same mistake back in the day...get an old Chevy nova one next time. Comes with a welded grounding strap.

AutoZone pn=d204 (edited)

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