Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

So I’ve been dicking with my Tomos A35. Fell on its face while I was riding. Got fuel, got compression, got no spark. From what I can tell, it seemed that my coil was bad. Kinda loose. (Pic 1)So I had a split second fuck it I’ll try this amazon knockoff (pic 2) made a new mount and all that shit. Still no spark. So I’m looking up what flywheel puller I need to pull it off. It doesn’t seem to be a normal one on treats. I think it’s 18mm, that’s what I measured. I found info that said the IDM 6411 magneto often fails and when it does you need to replace the magneto and coil unit.

Anyone else have this issue?

And how involved would it be to upgrade it all and with what? I don’t really know much about ignition systems.


Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

Pic 1


Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

Pic 2


Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

1st did you try a new spark plug. do you own a meter to check out coils before you take it apart. maybe a bad condenser.

Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

I did try a new plug. I do have a DVOM but most the articles I saw would just say hey check this, without actually giving me real details like values. The one part I did find mentioned resistance across a few wires coming from behind the flywheel. And it seemed right. But like I said. Most of what I found in the wiki was pretty bland

Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

is it wet inside your flywheel?

Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

One of my issues is that I still need the right flywheel puller

Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

the threaded part of the flywheel looks pretty stripped. My dad had some sort of special 2 jaw puller laying around so I used that and pulled my flywheel but bent the puller. if you really need to pull the flywheel quick just go to an autopart store and ask to see their free rental tool pullers.

Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

u can cross check your accuracy w an open ended spanner 18mm equals 18mm if u dont have digital calipers.

it is possible to clean/set points thru the slots in the stator and it possible to peek w a flashlight to see if its wet in there.

garelli is 19x1


vespa is 17x1


yours looks like fine thread 1 mm

Re: Round 2: No SparK... FIGHT!!!!

if it 18x1 u can get it off ebay, just double check if your is RH or LH threads and wait cuz it coming from across the pond.

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