FA50 Suzuki won’t stay running

I have a super nice Suzuki fa50, it only ran in choke when I got it , cleaned carb new gas put air box back on it’s clean , it will idle in choke only and snub our when I give it gas ,, I also burned the pipe out ,,, any ideas on air screw or clip settings on the slide needle? Thank you I’m fixing it for someone !! Thank you !!!


Re: FA50 Suzuki won’t stay running

Paul Brassard /

I had the same issue and there is another post on this topic about the petcock.

First you’ve put your gas filter in the vacuum line, so I would try that first.

I actually took apart the petcock, cleaned it and changed an o-ring that was completely dry and broken. This might help making the vacuum. Make sure the diaphram rubber is clean.

As I mentioned earlier there is a post about this issue and someone bypassed the petcock and has it running this way.

Good luck!

Re: FA50 Suzuki won’t stay running

Here's the service and owners manuals for free download :


The service manual will have the info you need .

If all is stock , follow the instructions , exactly .

It sounds like you may have missed thoroughly cleaning the idle circuit .

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