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Hi, this cast cylinder head I believe was in a thread earlier. I understand the outside doesn’t matter much. But I’m concerned about in inside wall, should I have it machined out or hand sand or get a replacement?


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Well,if you can get a replacement, do it. Meantime you might be able to get that one bored to an oversized kit.

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I might have a good one if you need one.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

That cylinder is toast. By the time you hone it clean it will be 4 sizes too big.

DOS Cycles has the cylinder you seek.

Re: Cylinder head

Thanks Don, I'm going to keep it stock, for now. 8) PM d you Stephen. (edited)

Re: Cylinder head

Also, that is not a cylinder head.

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> DPC Ryan Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Also, that is not a cylinder head.

To complete that^ : what you have pictured is simply a cylinder .

A head would be the unit that 'caps' the cylinder .

Re: Cylinder head

Slangily called a `jug'. But we knew what he meant...… harm.

Re: Cylinder head

Les, Treats has a 50cc stock kit by kstar. It's completely stock and 50 bucks. I have one and it's good.

Buuuuttt.... The 50cc DR kit is much more exciting and still 50cc. I highly recommend it.

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