Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

I am rebuilding a PA50II engine and have two questions.

1st: On a 2,000+ mile salvaged engine I installed a new crank, bearings, seals, piston and rings, honed the cylinder, set the correct ring gap and yet I only get 115 psi on a compression test. Should I be getting a higher reading?

2nd: The three alignment pins on the rotor do not fully penetrate the holes in the flywheel. Is this normal or is something wrong?

Any and all help would be appreciated. Jack

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

The psi will come up a bit after you run it.

No clue on number two.

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

the nipples dont protrude but just aligns up the magneto on the hub, should sit flush.

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

Jack Nielsen /

Pat: the nipples only penetrate about half way through the holes in the flywheel and the flywheel does not seem to sit flush on the rotor. In other words either the rotor is bent or the flywheel is bent. Any guess as to which one? Jack

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

if its off you should be able to see it at idle.

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

The 3 nubs are asymmetric and the flywheel only fits one way, that is intentional. They only align, they do not provide real driving force to the flywheel or they will slip. If it feels like it won't seat fully on them, rotate it until they all line up.

115 PSI is fine, well above minimum spec. The Hobbit engine stock is fairly low compression ratio. As mentioned once the rings seat pressure will increase some.

Re: Honda Hobbit PA50II - two questions

Some of the CDI guys didn't have good alignment with the little pins and they'd kinda rock or not sit flat, basically you just had to use the old stock base/taper piece with the new flywheel. No they don't need to go all the way through but they do need to sit flat

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