chain and fuel mix smoke issue

okay well i was riding and i had rope tied to the back of my moped and the it got wrapped in the axel and eventually i realized when the chain popped off. i got the rope off and got the chain on and started it then on way hope the master link snapped off and now im waiting on a pack pf new ones that should be here tomorrow. do i need a whole new chain or just the master link?

now when i bought the moped the seller told me he was using 30:1 or 32:1 or something but my engine says to use 50:1 with caution. i mixed up and fueled up and now its smoking badly. it still has power its just smoking crazy when i throttle.

what do i do? i dobt wanna break my moped up.

Re: chain and fuel mix smoke issue

here it is


Re: chain and fuel mix smoke issue

32:1 is only 4 ounces of oil per gallon of gas. Three and a half ounces is fine too. What oil are you mixing in? Takes good 2-stroke oil like synthetic or synthetic blend.

When you get the master link, just remember the lock clip goes on with closed end facing direction of chain travel.

Re: chain and fuel mix smoke issue

Of it's smoking more you messed up the ratio ..50/1 is alot less oil than 30/1...

I run 50/1 in everthang

Re: chain and fuel mix smoke issue

If it smokes too much go to a lighter oil ratio, I use 32:1 in everything, but have run 50:1 at times. What is odd to me is I get next to no smoke with 32:1? What kind of oil are you using? Might not hurt to check your plug after this tank.

Re: chain and fuel mix smoke issue

I put the master link on and rode for a while without any problems. and smoke issue resolved some after riding for a while. now how do I get more acceleration from stop? do I tweak something or is it stuck that way? I'm kinda new to mopeds so I dont know if it should be faster than it is. thanks guys.

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