Repair a 78 PA II


I was recently given a 1978 Honda PA II. I'm a total newbie, so feel free to point out if I've missed something in the repair tutorials you've got posted already.


1. I can get it to run if I use starting fluid, but it when you just let it idle, it dies instantly. When I'm riding it, it seems to run just fine, doesn't sputter or bog down or anything. Once it has died, you can't start it again, without spraying in more starting fluid. So, it is obviously getting spark, but what I'm scratching my head about is why it will run at all, and not just burn up the starting fluid, if it won't start without the starting fluid. Suggestions?

2. The fuel pet cock was broken when I got it. I cleaned it out, and jerry rigged a plug for the hole where the valve handle is, so that I could see of the bike would run at all, before I spent any $$. What would you recommend as the best place to find for this part? Is there OEM available for this bike? Are aftermarket parts generally reliable?

3. I live on a pretty bumpy dirt road, I'm about 2 miles from pavement. can you get some knobbier tires for these bikes? I'm thinking that the regular road tires might get eaten by my road, if the bike proves to be a good back and forth to town ption.

4. What kind of gas mileage do all of you tend to get on these?

5. Do you all definitely mix 25-1 gas, or can you get away with the universal two cycle mix?

Thanks, Aaron

Re: Repair a 78 PA II,, are all good moped parts retailers.

So you need to clean your carburetor for sure, which is kind of a pain in the ass on these bikes. You're going to have to let it soak for a couple days to clear all the passages.

Petcocks are cheap and aplenty, just look at the aforementioned websites.

Any tire up to like a 2.75-17 should fit but I've heard of people running 3.50-17 (which I wouldn't do). Regardless you're going to get clearance issues with the front fender at the very least.

Gas mileage on a stock moped is typically in the 90-100 mph range.

I run a kitted Hobbit at 40:1 using good quality Lucas 2 stroke oil

Re: Repair a 78 PA II

being lazy. with carb on left on bike ive had decent luck blowing out the idle circuit thru that small flat head screw that points vertical. carb cleaner n compressed air, do the idle air srew passage as well. add an inline filter as well.

Re: Repair a 78 PA II

Thanks for the replies. When you suggest an inline filter, do you mean on the fuel line that comes out of the pet cock?


Re: Repair a 78 PA II

yeah, after hooky valve u got b4 carb, cuz whats the point of cleaning out the idle circuit just ti let a bunch of crap into it again. there is a choke lever if u havn't noticed.

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