Tires for Peugeot 102SP

Just traded a broken chainsaw and $50 for this little 102SP Peugeot. Tires are flat and it hasn't run in years. Wanted to know size of tires? They are so weather checked I can't read any numbers on them. Also once I put the oil and gas mixture into her do I just peddle to get her to start? Or hopefully get her to start. ;o)


Re: Tires for Peugeot 102SP

17 x 2.25 put a drill on the magneto side under cover clock wise.

Re: Tires for Peugeot 102SP

Josiah Radebaugh /

You should just be able to pedal start it. whatever you do, don't do it on the stand! I prefer to kick start it but hey. Also you should have a decompression lever that you need to pull and once the engine is spinning you let it go.

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