Cdi vs points stator

Hi all,. New project 1976 tomos bullet.

I keep digging into my new project. I've gone through my wiring trying to get spark. Took off Magneto cover to find my flywheel is not even bolted down. Not nut even hanging around in there. I got a new nut but nothing. I figured I'd take a look at the stator since I've read they can go bad. The flywheel has a bit of rust but not horrible. Not sure if just old and worn.

Anyways I can't see anything visibly wrong but I did notice it seemed to have points where I thought it would look different since I have a cdi. I have a new cdi I bought and a 3 wire stator yellow, blue, black for 76 tomos. I'm just confused where I thought a cdi took place of points.

I do notice the points stay closed and don't open. ( Don't think) And they are cruddy. Maybe I should clean them and give it a chance. I did so much research that I feel less informed now than before. Maybe cleaning the points and having them stay closed will help. Or I have the whole wrong setup.

And then my other question would be replacing it. I've only seen 2 wire stators designed for cdi with no blue for replacement. They come with new flywheel etc in treat land.

I do like digging around so even if I cant get it, I still like tinkering.

See pics.

PS my large gear in gear case sometimes rubs just slightly on the countershaft where pedals are. I'm not playing with that yet. Maybe just an adjustment somewhere. Another day.

Re: Cdi vs points stator

There's the CDI box and a CDI stator. you gotta have both. kinda sounds like you've got a CDI box and trying to figure out how to attach it to an old '76 points stator. that doesn't work.

most of those a35 era Tomos CDI's have 2 wires. black goes to the CDI box/ignition coil for spark, yellow is lights.

If you wanna salvage the points ignition, clean them diligently and set the gap, then set timing so they juuuuust being to open 15-25 degrees BTDC (I usually run in the 15-20 range) you'll need a external HT coil like the universal coil off treats, the points wont work with the CDI box coils.

Re: Cdi vs points stator

Yes it's weird. I'm following the wiring diagram and it does have the blue yellow and black wiring coming out of the magneto and the ignition black going to the coil. I just don't know why it has a points condensor in there since it appears to have a coil in the diagram.

I believe I have an a3.

I saw a new 2 wire stator but I'll have to figure out what to do wiring wise

Re: Cdi vs points stator

As a side note, I'm pretty sure this was all factory judging by the age. Ive read mine is weird since black is ignition, yellow lighting, and blue is external ground also for tail lights.

Re: Cdi vs points stator

Okay. You should have the 6v Ducati points ignition on there which has a blue, yellow and a black wire. The black wire goes to the hot coil, the yellow wire goes to the lights and the blue wire goes to the brake light which acts as a safety feature if the brake lights blow.

Exactly what are you trying to do?

Re: Cdi vs points stator

just stick w your points. much cheeper n less headache. study the diagram, clean all electrical connections including brake switches n rear brake bulb. clean lube magneto do dad lobe that opens closes points, clean n set points, spark?

Re: Cdi vs points stator

Yes exactly. I am just trying to keep it stock. I'm following the exact diagram and all of it makes sense now that I know I have points. So it's normal in my situation to have the coil on there. Is that a cdi or is that a coil. Are my terms wrong? I ordered this so maybe this is right since it's for points. my setup

Re: Cdi vs points stator

Yes you're supposed to have a coil on points set up.

Re: Cdi vs points stator

♣Slew Foot♣ /

And as far as an upgrade your case has to have the four pylons to mount up a CDI in the first place otherwise it becomes a huge project if you do decide to upgrade I would suggest to get a newer A3 case half with the for pylons and do the whole rebuild it would be a lot easier than trying to modify it just my two cents

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