Hobbit PA50I reed block/intake.

I was cleaning a carb for a PA50I and noticed in the pile of parts a rectangular shaped rubber gasket almost the same size as the hole in the reed block. The “gasket” in question looks as if it might have been glued onto the rubber backing. I am confused as where this goes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jack

Re: Hobbit PA50I reed block/intake.

sounds like it was something someone added because they had an air leak. If the mating surfaces of the intake and the case are clean and flat the reed block should not need a gasket or goop.

Re: Hobbit PA50I reed block/intake.

you could have a gasket between reedblock and case, especially if it's an aftermarket intake or reeds. the stock reedblocks have the rubber seals cast in:

and that doesn't require paper gaskets

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