Rear flat-Please Help

Hello, my name is Amanda and I have a 1980 Puch, I currently have a rear flat tire and I don't have any tools but I do have the replacement tube. I live in West Oakland and am hoping someone could help me fix it. It's been sitting a while because of this so I'm having a little trouble starting it as well. Im WILLING TO PAY anyone to help me, desperately want to ride this baby! Pretty please someone help me out! feel free to message me on instagram about this if you're able to help (@morbidmanda)! thanks for reading have a great day!


Re: Rear flat-Please Help

Jack Rutherford /

Where's OGCraxy when you need him?

Anyhow, this is a skill you want to master. All kinds of stuff online. Only thing that should ground you is major engine failure and that should only last a day or so before you are back on the road. (edited)

Re: Rear flat-Please Help

Have you tired Fix-a-Flat?

Not a final solution , but , it might get you on the road until that better fix can be had .

Re: Rear flat-Please Help

I agree with this being a skill you can teach yourself! Grab a set of tire irons and use the zip tie trick.

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