Tomos flywheel compatibility

Can i use a flyweel that is used for an a55 hall sensor/pickup on a normal 2 wire non hall sensor stator?

is the only difference the protruding magnet on the outside?

I'm changing my ignition to a 2 wire ignition with parmakit cdi box and I've still got the flywheel from before. Could do with not buying a new flywheel if it's not needed.


Re: Tomos flywheel compatibility

I'm pretty sure this will cause the issue that the new tomos's were having a few years ago burnin out cdis and whatever. The ones without a pickup just use the polarity swap between magnets, if you've got the wrong number of magnets or spacing it burns shit up or something. Anywa - maybe you can. I would consider trying it except those parma boxes aint cheap...

Re: Tomos flywheel compatibility

Ah ok. Yeah I'd hate to blow up this parmakit box. I only got it in the post today in Liverpool uk. Scary shit. I mean i don't see why they'd be different but at the same time if they were and I fried the cdi I'd be gutted :( Anyone out there know the difference between these 2 flywheels.???


Re: Tomos flywheel compatibility

♣Slew Foot♣ /

A55 CDI control box has two extra wires for the trigger which is external and that is the difference in the flywheels whereas the earlier models used the magnetic flux and a hall effect sensor on the inner lobe the later ones with a trigger which was located on the case was triggered by a spot on the flywheel exterior just go back to an A35 with the internal sensor because they were running those for years and years and years and they are somewhat dependable. And tell you truthfully I never tried to run an a55 flywheel on an A35 stator or vice versa nor have I ever tried to run a point flywheel with a CDI stator anybody try these let me know

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