Columbia commuter w sachs 505 - no longer turning

Hey guys/gals... still trying to get my Columbia Commuter working. It was going pretty well, i got the bike to travel up to 7 miles without a sieze... however after this distance it then siezed up. I thought perhaps it was the piston rings and cylinder causing the issue, so i pulled the head. Everything looks good, factory scoring in place, etc. Piston moved freely within the cylinder.

I then moved on to re-evaluate the clutch as i recently inspected it. With the entire plate assembly out, i placed the nut on and was able crank it with no real resistance. I could see as i cranked, the piston moved freely and the drive gear did as well (indicating the transmission gears and case are all good to me).

To me this all indicates that the top end is ok and the bottom end it ok... and that something is wonky with the clutch, like its sticky or something... any ideas what would cause this? Ive looked at several youtube videos to ensure its all assembled correctly and it is.

Currently when the clutch plate assembly is in, i can stand on the pedals and there is no movement at all. They should move and crank around, but this is not the case at all.

Re: Columbia commuter w sachs 505 - no longer turning

to put quite simply, there's something wrong with your clutch. Is this issue when the cover is on too? you might just have the clutch cover pressing the starter bll onto the clutches. Possibly you're missing some washer or spaces and jamming things together - particularly behind the clutch bell, that could bind against the case. Also if your spacers or spring washers or preload is off, it'll bind.

also also, try just lubricating everything and cleaning it all well. sounds like it's missing assembly bits in there tho honestly

It's also sometimes possible that the pedal gear engagement is not in it's slot - a common failure if it's been rebuilt - and that can lock up the drive, can you turn the main gear behind the clutch while the clutch is out? Sounds like yes from your descriprtions

Re: Columbia commuter w sachs 505 - no longer turning

OG Crazy Wayne /

You know with two strokes you have to mix a little oil with the gas usually a 50 to 1 ratio, 2.6 ounces per gallon of gas

Re: Columbia commuter w sachs 505 - no longer turning


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