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Kitted 1978 NC50, Weekends intake, VM20 carb. My bike has a slow drip from the carb, out the overflow from the bowl. The carb came with an all-plastic float, so has no adjustable metal tang on it to adjust the level. I believe this leak is due to the design of the intake, which forces the carb to sit at a sort of obtuse angle. Have thoroughly cleaned carb twice this spring, and using inline filter so I am sure this is not a 'debris' issue. I have been looking for one of these adjustable floats (see pic). Anybody know where I can get one? I don't think they are making these floats any more. Or... anybody know of an alternative to the Weekends intake that will allow the carb to sit 'square' with the bike?


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Replying to myself (lame, I know). Anyway, I saw this intake on Treats. Supposed to be for an NC50 with a VM20 carb. Anybody tried this intake? What did you think of it? I would hate to spend another $60 and still have a crooked carb and wrong float level.


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Update: I found one of these floats for the VM20 at Niche Cycle. I adjusted the 'tang' up a little bit because the Weak-ends intake causes my carb to tilt back about 10 degrees from where it should be (see photo). Carb still drips a little bit from the bowl overflow drain.

Carb Angle.JPG

Re: VM20 float help

Polish the float needle seat so it shines bright . And , insure the needle tip is without flaw .

Brasso or the like and Q tips works well for that task .

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Chris Carleton /

Is the float needle all steel or viton? Had better luck with the latter.

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