Cylinder Head Stripped

My spark plug won't go in past where it's at in the picture below. Not sure if I can rethread this or if I should get a new head.

Benelli G2 Cylinder Head 1.JPG
Benelli G2 Cylinder Head 2.JPG
Benelli G2 Cylinder Head 3.JPG

Re: Cylinder Head Stripped

OG Crazy Wayne /

Yes replace both of them

Re: Cylinder Head Stripped

If heads are readily available , I'd just replace it .

If not , tap it . You may have to use a bigger threaded plug .

You could also get a thread repair kit and stick with the 'standard' plug .

Re: Cylinder Head Stripped

not sure about the fin, braze maybe. the plug hole is easy to retap and do an insert.


save a thread, 14 x 1.25 theres short med and long

Re: Cylinder Head Stripped

The instructions are on YouTube.

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