No lights or horn. New battery and diode

Dagnall Owens /

Haven't ridden my express in a while but I put a new battery in it, changed the head gasket and replaced the malfunctioning oil pump. After all that none of my lights or horn works. It obviously fires because it runs like a champ. I'm getting a little over 6 volts from the battery and it really only has one ground(according to the schematic). I don't have a new diode but I pulled the one of of the nc50 I bought for my girlfriend and it still didn't help. Also I bought one anyway because I can afford it as well as to eliminate this potential problem because I've put over 3000 miles on this thing myself. Thanks for any help yall may possibly have.

Re: No lights or horn. New battery and diode

Hey, I just had a similar problem with my Express. It's a '78, but the wiring is more like a 1980 because I added '80 handlebars because I wanted front turn signals. It had been sitting in the garage for a few years. Replaced the battery, cleaned the carb. Started fine, but no turn signals. Sounds to me like you need a flasher relay (see pic) like this one I got from Niche Cycle on Ebay. Your headlight might be blown. So, you might need a new headlight. I don't know what the deal is with the flashers on these, but I have had to replace mine a couple of times... maybe they corrode on the inside with age? You could test it with a simple test light.


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