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Ryan Westphal /
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I just finished replacing my Motron’s shocks with maxi EBRs from treats.

The forks seem great compared to motrons janky forks. Sturdy and look good.

The threads that come out the headset are longer than stock so you’ll need a spacer either below bottom race or drop the fork tubes and space at top below top fork nut (or have very deep top fork nut). If you drop the tubes you would end up with slightly longer forks than stock. Used the bottom race I didn’t use from the kit to space mine up top, may switch to bottom spacer later, who knows. (Pictured)

Forks used:

As far as races go, I purchased the maxi set below. The bottom race works perfectly with the motron bottom race in head tube.

The top needs to be the opposite side of the race than what is in there. Another motron bottom was mentioned in a different post, that would work beautifully. Unfortunately I didn’t have one of those so I removed the motrons top race and had to shave a mm or two off the inside of the tube to get the new maxi race to get in there, slightly smaller diameter but with a little work fits beautifully.

Race and Bearing set:

Not sure if this should helps but why not?

Shim used:

As far as the only other challenge I had to extend the opening on the brake catch on my snowflake wheels. The EBR tab is closer to axle than on the motron forks. Not bad to do. Different wheels and hubs may not require this. The wheel flips to the other side for brake catch, btw.

If you have any questions hit me up. Good luck! Hope this helps anyone in the future needing to replace motron forks!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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